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Explore the Therapeutic Effects of Sky Ceilings in Enclosed Interiors


Learn about the concept of Biophilia and how it affects human health and happiness.

Noi pensiamo al nostro lavoro come a una tecnologia artistica destinata a far entrare la potenza e la bellezza della natura negli ambienti umani.

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Ricerca Scientifica

Sky Factory engages in cooperative Scientific Research to better understand the cognitive mechanisms at work when Sky Factory products are installed in specific environments or used for the benefit of captive populations or occupants with particular needs..

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White Paper:
The Restorative Impact of Perceived Open Space

This paper explores the impact of deep plan buildings on human performance, and analyzes the role circadian light and perceived open space play in shaping cognitive function. Sky Factory's latest white paper, which is the basis for our new AIA CE course, is now available.

White Paper-The Restorative Impact of Perceived Open Space (EN)

White Paper:
Scientific Research and Sky Image Ceilings

Sky Factory's first white paper describes the hypotheses that guide the company's artistic framework—Open Skies Image Technology—while presenting some of the existing research that supports these hypotheses and discusses possible avenues of investigation.

White Paper-Scientific Research and Sky Image Ceilings (EN)



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Since 2002, Sky Factory has provided factory-direct pricing around the world to the top healthcare networks, specialty clinics, Fortune 500 companies, and other built environments, including retail, education, senior care, and hospitality.